Godly Revolution


Happy Dance

Enter Today!

Competition time!!!😱
You can win R1000 cash on the evening of Godly Revolution,
16 June 2023!🥳🙌🏼
Print out your Godly Revolution ticket/s (after buying it) and strut your stuff doing a "Happy Dance" video💃🕺
(Let's trend with Happy Dance by Mercy Me) Share it on all your social media platforms and tag us at
@godly.revolution, alao use the hashtags
#happydancecomp and #godlyrevolution for all social media platforms🌟
Tag your youth group or school so that we can easily find you😁
Individuals or groups can take part.
Meal vouchers and gifts up for grabs for runner up's!😋

Follow the demo and let's "Happy Dance" away🤩🔥

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